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Jul 21, 2023Liked by Lou Tamposi

Regarding Footnote #7--one in a million chances is generous odds--I'll try for that.

My Summer Seasonal Seven, unfortunately, will not be going well. It will not be going at all this summer, and probably not next summer, and most likely not the summer after. Fall may also be challenging. Winter is definitely out. There may be hope for Spring. I am thinking the only way to really make it work is to come and live with you.

I already ate hot dogs from The Dollar Store twice in one week this summer.

I am so proud of your sense of adventure, and truly admire your "Can Do, Will Do" attitude on everything in life that is enriching and good. I told CWD Uncle Pat at dinner last night that I am aspiring to be a kinder, gentler "Andi," and throughout the whole meal I was kind and gentle. At the end of the night, Uncle gave me a long, appreciative hug, but then whispered in my ear "When is the old Andi coming back?".

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